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emoovit technology

eMooVit is a autonomous driving technology company that established on 2016. We are providing cost-effective and internet-enabled autonomous software solutions that can be utilised on any vehicle or platform.

Leapfrogging Malaysia’s automotive and technology industry to the next level

Making the future safer and more efficient with AVs

Ever since the first national car launch in 1983, the automotive industry has been one of the major contributors to the economy of Malaysia. Over the decades, we have experienced growth and innovation. As electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids shape our future of transport, we are introducing the next evolution in the way we commute with these vehicles.

Reduce number of death

Reduce traffic facilities

Reduce waiting time

Our Solutions

emoovit technology



Our system will cater for customer's seating needs, just like Grab, but the difference is that it will eliminate human error. Another difference is that we will focus on on-demand mobility-as-a-service. And since the system does not rely on human drivers, user can demand mobility around the clock.

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